Take Control

Each year, thousands of people attempt to retake control over their health and the shape of their body; and each year, thousands of people feel that they’ve “failed” because, try as they might, they just can’t get the results they want.

Secret to Success

The secret to success is to find a way to Boost your Metabolism. Your body’s ability to move food through your system at an accelerated rate will return it to the younger you.
Our goal is to eat balanced meals, drink water and get our bodies working like a machine.
All of the Herbal Products in the Core Nutrition category will help boost your metabolism and get you onto a path of looking and feeling good.

Easy Access to Herbal Products

Our goal is to give easy access to getting your Herbal Products and the convenience of ordering Herbalife products online. We provide an online store with free registration and free delivery in South Africa. We hope you find the Herbal Products easy to use and very helpful in getting you into the shape you want.


The products

The Herbalife Formula 1 Shake mix is a meal replacement . It is basically food in another form  which form the basis for your healthy Cellular Nutrition. The concept of Cellular Nutrition is simple, by supporting and improving the health of your villi in your small intestine you are able to absorb nutrients better and the more nutrients you absorb the healthier you are and the better you feel.

Herbalife is not just a calorie controlled diet shake like so many other products on the market but a scientifically formulated meal replacement designed to give you all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to get you looking and feeling your best. This is also why all kinds of people are using Herbalife products; not just people losing weight but also people who want to maintain their weight, get more energy and also improve their sports and fitness performance.

The science behind Herbalife success

As a leader in the wellness industry, Herbalife prides itself on the work of "The Nutritional Advisory Board" (NAB. Together, this team of professors are dedicated to creating products that exceed customer expectations and advance the field of nutritional science and ensure our products meets the highest standards set for the industry today.

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