My story

I was under weight, lacked energy and was just not at a good spot. I started using Shakes, Tea and Fibre tablets. Within 3 days I gained much more energy and in 22 days I gained almost 7 kg of muscle mass. At age 55 I feel better than ever. I never want to stop using my Herbalife ever again…I love it!

Wilhelm Lombard

Pieter Malan

After I saw my wife’s good results using Herbalife I also start using it. That was 6 months ago.
Before I would skip breakfast and when I get hungry I would eat anything like a pie and Coke or slap chips or sandwiches. I was feeling tired and grumpy.
The biggest thing for me was to change my bad eating habits. Now that I know better,everything start to change for the better. I am feeling great with lots of energy and I lost 11kg in the prosses!
Thanks to Herbalife!

My Herbalife Story

I am Maureen Joubert from Pretoria.
I’ve lost 6kg and went from a size 10 to a size 8.
I am 163 tall and of my 54kg, my fat weighs 14kg and muscle mass 38kg bone mass 2kg.
I have loads of energy and I love how great I feel
Totally love the Herbalife nutrition 👌🏼

Maureen Joubert

Elize Malan

My Name is Elize Malan.I am 57yrs old from Pta.

My whole life changed when I start using Herbalife .I lost 11kg; 5% body fat and gain 3 kg Muscle Mass. My energy levels is through the roof. At 57 years old I feel beter than ever and I dont want to be without it ever again.


Elize and Piet

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